Advice & Guidance

Become a Careers Advisor

Course overview

The qualification is primarily aimed at candidates who operate and undertake support systems, processes and services and recognises that employment in the advice and guidance sectors involves a diverse range of functions, tasks and activities that are constantly developing in the light of changing client needs. Many job roles involve providing information, advice and/or guidance to members of the public or to other members of staff within an organization. This includes the learndirect services, call centres, visitor centres, customer/client services, help-lines, citizens advice, careers guidance, and so on.

The NVQs/SVQs and the Modern Apprenticeships were designed to provide for this flexibility. The areas in which advice and guidance workers operate are numerous with specialisations in Careers, Educational Choices, Housing, Benefits, Pensions, Money Investments, Debt, Prisons, Probation Services etc.

Many people work with in roles where they may not even be aware they are offering an advice and guidance service, or for whom advice and guidance is only part of the role, for example those working within an HR department, police, teachers, doctors, nurses, cares even and fitness coaches, the list is endless. The Advanced Apprenticeship in Advice and Guidance enables employers to select those options, for example, which best meet the needs of their business through the range of choices within the “Additional Employer Requirements” component of the Advanced Apprenticeship framework.

By the end of the Advanced Apprenticeship, employers will have an employee who is competent to at least NVQ Level 3 and who understands their organisation’s values, systems and procedures, the nature and needs of the workforce and is someone who has developed the skills to become a valuable individual and team member. The qualification is completed over a number of weeks in a NVQ format and is accredited by EDI. NVQs in Advice & Guidance are offered at levels 2, 3 and 4.

What next?

Once a Learner has completed the course, they can move on to other courses relating to customer service, sales, personal development and productivity. A resources section within the course provides information on key topic area and links to websites that Learners can visit to find additional information.

How do I enrol?

Apply online, or walk into our Training Centre, click here for details of our locations or phone: 0207 247 5497 and we will organise funding for you. As the course is based at your workplace, there are no fixed start dates and so you can start whenever you are ready.